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European Vocational Skills Week 2018: 2nd Networking Workshop a l’Escola

La jornada va tenir lloc el divendres 9 de novembre dintre de la European Vocational Skills Week 2018, la Setmana Europea de la FP

On Friday, November 9, the 2nd Networking Workshop of l’Escola del Treball took place in Barcelona as part of the third European Vocational Skills Week.
This event is a great opportunity to promote Networking; collaboration and mutual understanding help make the difference when starting a project or gaining access to a job. Establishing and maintaining contacts and intensifying links with other professionals in the sector is essential to grow in the professional career. It is very important to know the right people.
The objective of the European Vocational Skills Week is that students, once they have left the School, have already established a network of professional contacts. We believe that Networking is a skill that can be built over time, if you have the intent and purpose.

The European Vocational Skills Week 2018 is taking place in Vienna, from 5-9 November. As part of the Week, hundreds of events and activities will also be taking place across Europe from September to December. Opening events and Employers’ Days will be hosted in several Member States, awards are taking place in Vienna, and national Ambassadors will be raising awareness of the campaign.

 “Discover your Talent!” is the motto for the Week, organised by the European Commission. The Week will bring together education and training providers, civil society organisations, public authorities, business organisations and the broader public to raise the profile of Vocational Education and Training (VET). The aim of the Week is to show that VET is a smart choice, leading to excellence in education, high-quality jobs and increased employability. The campaign also focuses on adult learning, mobility in VET, sector skills cooperation, and business-VET partnerships. An additional focus this year will be on the future of VET:

  • In digitalisation
  • In empowering individuals for lifelong career management and skills development
  • In validation of non-formal and informal learning
  • In addressing the importance of 21st Century skills
  • In assessing the role of VET leaders/teachers/trainers
  • In recognising the internationalisation of VET.

Contact: For more information or specific requests please contact or call Mar Alonso on +34 934309200.

VET IN EUROPE (source: Eurostat)

  • 49% of upper secondary students in Europe participate in upper secondary VET (2016)
  • The employment rate of recent VET graduates  in Europe is 74.8% (2017)
  • The percentage of low-qualified adults  in Europe has been reducing steadily thanks to the European Social Fund (ESF) assistance but is still too high, at 22.5% (2017)
  • 10.9% of Europe’s population participates in adult learning (2017)


For further information:
Twitter: #DiscoverYourTalent
Facebook Event Page: European Vocational Skills Week 2018

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